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To produce quality meat goats for market consumption, replacement stock and seed stock in a natural, low maintenance environment.

Bucks For Sale

100% New Zealand Buckling.

Does For Sale

Stay Tuned to March 2018!

Market Goats For Sale

We currently have 8 Bucklings between 40-60 lbs which are ready for your special event.  


We are raising goats on our family farm in South Central Virginia. The farm is located at the base of White Oak Mountain and has been in the family for the past 75 years. Tobacco  was the principle product for several years. It was later fenced for cattle and goats. We are currently raising Kiko and Kiko-cross goats for market.

We have chosen Kiko goats because of their ability to forage and browse the pastures (less bushhogging, less grain), the strong mothering instincts of the does, and their ability to add weight quickly to their kids to prepare for market. (See the Kiko Advantage). We are currently cross breeding our Kiko does with a Savannah Buck to help add size and muscle for improved market sales.

Our goats are raised primarily on pasture with minimal grain supplementation. We use antibiotics only when necessary and de-worm only as needed. We follow the FAMACHA Guidelines for deworming.

We offer to the consumer “on the farm” purchase 40-60lb kids for market from May thru November. We also raise our own replacement breed stock and we often have breed stock does and bucks for sale to other commercial meat goat producers. Please check the For Sale page for our current offerings.